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Visitor Policies

We are always happy to welcome our Members' guests. We ask that guests be accompanied by the Member. Visitors interested in touring our facility are welcome; please call ahead for an appointment.

Adhering to the following dress code will save any surprises for our guests.


Club Policies

• May not be unattended at any time while on Club property.
• Are asked to enjoy our dining facilities with their family at the same table.
• Are not allowed to run around the clubhouse, patio, or golf course for safety reasons and for the enjoyment of all members and guests dining.
• Under the age of 21 are not permitted to sit at the bar.
• A seated position is desirable in all dining areas. Feet are not allowed on chairs.

Personal Electronic Devices:
• IPads, cell phones and tablets should be on silent or use headphones. Phone calls are to be taken outside

Dress Code:
• Men are to wear a collared shirt that is tucked in while dining inside the Clubhouse.
• Hats are to be worn facing forward on the Golf Course and in the Grill & Nelson Room. Hats are not allowed in the Fireside Room.
• Ladies are not allowed to wear clothing that is cut too low on top or too short on the bottom and we appreciate a Country Club casual or upscale attire while dining.
• Tasteful jeans that are not ripped or torn are permitted in all dining areas.
• Dining events should be attended with dressy/upscale attire.
• Pool attire, t-shirts or any work-out clothing are not permitted inside the Clubhouse.
• Members are to inform guests of our dress code when visiting.

Golf Course

• Golf shirts must have a collar or be a mock turtle neck.
• Shirts must be tucked unless it is a full button camp shirt (Tommy Bahama style).
• No denim/jeans regardless of color.
• Hats must be worn with brim facing forward.
• Bermuda length shorts are welcome.
• We do not allow athletic wear i.e. sweats, warm-ups, gym shorts, tee-shirts or tank tops.
• The golf staff at their discretion may ask a player to change attire if it is not appropriate.

• Blouses can be worn un-tucked and can be sleeveless and collarless.
• Athletic/Tennis attire is not allowed.
• No denim/Jeans regardless of color.
• The golf staff at their discretion may ask a player to change attire if it is not appropriate.

Cell Phones:
Should be in silent mode or turned off. Phone conversations are not allowed on the golf course.