Course Tour

San Luis Obispo Pro Tips

Hole #1 Par 5
A long par 5 with a sharp dog leg left at 220 yards. An aggressive line off the tee over the trees will cut the corner and shorten the hole. A safer tee would be something less than a driver to the dogleg. From the dogleg, the rest of the hole is beautifully presented from an elevated position with vineyards off in the distance. The second shot is' all you can hit' with out of bounds both left and right, leaving a short third shot to an undulating green protected by a deep bunker to the left and front of the green. Number one is a great starting hole with birdie opportunities.

Hole #2 Par 4

This dogleg right requires an accurate tee shot to cut the corner and leave a clear second shot to the green. Beware of cutting too much of the corner as trees block your approach shot to the green. Steep bunkers protect the left side of this two tiered green. Your second shot is likely played with the ball below your feet as the fairway slopes from left to right. Shots played to the right side of the green will allow the best opportunity for par or birdie.

Hole #3 Par 3
A long par three, this hole will likely play into the wind. Any shot hit right of the green will either land in a bunker or cascade off the slope into the trees. There is plenty of room to navigate this hole if you keep your ball left and club yourself correctly. This green slopes from back to front. Stay below the pin for safety.

Hole #4 Par 4

Strategically placed bunkers on both side of the fairway and the greens make this challenging uphill par 4 a test of accuracy. Pin placements on the left and or right of this green make the approach shot more difficult. To be long on this green will likely lead to high scores due to the severe slope from back to front.

Hole #5 Par 5
A suggested tee shot down the left center of the fairway will leave you a great angle to the green. Keep left as the right is lined with trees and leaves difficulties for layups. A good drive here allows the better players a chance to reach the green in two. Most players will have to navigate a pesky fairway bunker 120 yards from the green. Second shots have a narrow landing area as the fairway slopes left towards troubles. A good wedge should leave you with a make-able birdie on one of the flatter greens on the course.

Hole #6 Par 4

This is a picturesque uphill par 4 with vineyards on the right. Big fairway bunkers housed on the left force the player to stay right off the tee. Uphill from tee to green, players need one to two clubs extra for their second shot. The front side of this green is surrounded by steep bunkers. Club selection is critical to allow you a solid birdie opportunity.

Hole #7 (Men Par 4, Women Par 5)

The 7th is one of the most difficult holes on the course. There is plenty of room to drive the ball but most shots will end up on the far left as this fairways incline slopes severely from right to left. The second shot is played uphill without a view of the green which makes judging distance critical. Having two tiers, this green slopes right to left with a bunker short left. Approach shots missed to the right will leave you with a very tricky pitch to a green sloping back to front. 4 is a good score here.

Hole #8 Par 3
Although it is the shortest hole on the course it is by no means a push over. The hole plays the yardage despite being down hill. A tee shot on the green will not always be an easy par or birdie. As you approach the green it will look like it slopes up from front to back. Before you putt though, go back off the green and you will see the true slope, which is from right down to the left. The putts tend to break more than they appear to because of this illusion. Two putts here is always good.

Hole #9 Par 4
A short par 4, a driver is not needed here. Off the tee, a long iron or fairway wood will keep you safe from the hazardous lake. Take caution with your approach shot as bunkers await your stray shots left and right. This rebuilt green has a separate tier back right which allows hole locations requiring a very precise stroke. Enjoy a well earned birdie on this hole.

Hole #10 Par 5

After the turn hole 10 allows the player to make up some ground. With a right sloping fairway, this hole challenges players to veer left while avoiding the trees on the dog leg. Internal out-of-bounds threaten the left as well. Hoping to cut the trees left and land on the green in two, longer hitters take well to this challenge. A suggested fairway wood or long iron will create eagle or birdie if hit well. This two tiered green is slick on the lower half and fast but level on the back. A definite birdie opportunity.

Hole #11 Par 5
Back to back par fives allows for another birdie opportunity. Aiming the tee shot up the right side of the fairway allows some players to go for the green in two, but it also brings trees into play. The left side allows a simpler layup which can be hit with a variety of clubs. Players can be aggressive with the approach, but the front-hole locations may be the fastest of any green at the course.

Hole #12 Par 4
Combinations of the wind and the high tree borders on both sides of the fairway provide for a great adversity of shots on this long par 4. A fairway bunker on the left comes into play on your drive and being too far right will bring the trees into play. The 2nd shot to a right to left sloping green with a bunker on the right becomes more difficult from the right side of the fairway. Hitting into the green side bunker will leave you with a challenging bunker shot onto a green falling away from you. All approach shots must reach the green or risk having your ball roll backwards off this elevated green.

Hole #13 Par 4

Thirteen is a picturesque hole looking out over the Edna Valley with beautiful eucalyptus trees lining the entire left side of the fairway. Fairway bunkers left and right shrink the landing area to less than 15 yards. On this downhill tee shot, long hitters need to take less than a driver to take these fairway bunkers out of play, leaving a short to middle-iron to a green protected both left and right by deep sands. The green slops back to front, and right to left. It takes three well placed shots to make birdie; par is a good score.

Hole #14 Par 3

A stunning Par 3 with a lake in front and a view of the valley in the background. A water hazard fronts the green and slants to the right, which makes any ball fading to the right continue up the water line potentially giving you a big number. The safer approach is from the left and being short is better then long. You can make birdie on this hole but par will do.

Hole #15 (Men Par 4, Women Par 5)

The 15th hole is a longer par 4 dog leg right with your second shot up the hill. It is the second most difficult hole on the course. Only the longest hitters can cut the corner over the Monterey Pine, otherwise play down the center for a clear second shot. On your second shot, take one more club to get up the hill on the green or your shot hit short will come back off the front. Keep a watchful eye on the wind, which is usually down wind off the tee from the right on your second shot. Par here is a good score.

Hole #16 Par 4
Hole sixteen will play slightly uphill and straight. Fairway bunkers line the right side of the fairway and the left will put put you in the trees. An accurate drive is a must. The approach should be a short to mid iron and played to the only green on the course without a bunker. Grass moguls guard the front left making the up and down a little tricky. The hole location on this green will determine if you can go at the stick. Another hole where short is better then long. This hole allows you a scoring chance but hitting two solid shots is a must.

Hole #17 Par 3

The only uphill par 3, the prevailing crosswinds can create doubt in club selection. The tee shot usually requires an extra club although long here creates a difficult up and down. Three cascading bunkers front the right side of the green forcing you to have precise yardage to any back right pin. Left is always a safe play allowing many different options to get your par. A thorough but fair challenge, a memorable par three.

Hole #18 Par 4

The backdrop to this tee shot is a picturesque view of the clubhouse. There is room to drive the ball on this hole and longer hitters will take advantage of the downhill slope of the fairway and be left with a wedge. Most players will be left with a short to mid iron to a generous green flanked by large bunkers on the left and a sneaky trap behind the green. Approach shots missed to the right will bound down an embankment leaving a delicate 15 to 30 yard chip. The eighteenth is a great finishing hole, offering a good scoring chance for well struck shots and a big number if you leave yourself in the wrong place.